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Culture emergence through employees
culture emergence
Challenge: Our client, a tech company, specializes in providing technological solutions across several countries. With a focus on Technology, the company, established in 2005, has actively cultivated strategic partnerships and explored various product categories and markets. The aim is to facilitate access to cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions on a global scale.

With the above process, the tech-company’s new strategic purpose and the 5 new values that represent the employees and the management team emerged, were discussed, analyzed and decided. We then developed the entire communication and engagement plan for employees and the management team in the new culture. The results of the project were that the tech-company’s people, structured and interactively, decided on the following purpose and values for the new company.

We are leading the way to a brighter future by providing access to evolutionary technology and innovative solutions across all geographies. Through strategic partnerships, we add value to our people, stakeholders, and society.

For the completion of the project, the smooth implementation of the changes and the assurance of consistency in the implementation of the agreed activities, it was important to align the new management team as well as to determine the company’s strategic goals for the coming years. Thus, we proceeded to plan, organize, and implement a two-day strategy workshop in which all tech-company’s executives participated. The workshop contained, a plan to support and spread the new culture in the organization as well as activities to ensure alignment between the new values and the strategic direction of the company. Their diffusion is a continuous and dynamic process that has been implemented in a structured way guided by the company’s director and the HR.

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